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zombies. >> black. >> they're black. >> i don't know if they are white. it's up there. >> you shut up, lady. >> the black zombies. >> they move slow. >> they move slow. >> all right. that was quite possibly the greatest moment in game show history, ra. i don't know. what is worse? she is assuming zombies or block or that other woman assuming zombies are slow. they are both derogatory in a way. >> i don't know if she knew this, but from the beginning of sin that you ma history zombies were based on zoo-doo -- voo-doo and witch doctors and "i walk with a zombie" and i don't think it was in her mind. maybe she saw a whole table of black people and black, black, black, and she went crazy. >> it was like she was thinking don't say anything about -- don't say anything -- are there black people around? it is like whether you riding a mountain bike and on a trail and going for a rock and you say i don't want to hit the rock, i don't want to hit the rock. >> don't say black, don't say black, don't say black. >> maybe we are not giving her enough credit. >> she was knowledgeable? >> she was kn
aware if the appellants are planning on participating today? why don't we hold up for one minute. colleagues why don't we suggest to see if we can continue on to additional business >> item 25 is the resolution to establish full quality and cost for the public interests. >> thank you, colleagues today, the resolution before us addresses the need for transparency. i want to thank supervisor chiu and supervisor chiu. at the it's important apparent than ever lack ever transparency let's people know where they can get health care for. when people need medication and so forth people are paying higher insurance and co-pay and premiums. we have why'd what we're paying for were one of the charters she's that prices have grown a dozen eggs would cost via dollars and a cartoon of erroneously would cost a lot. if trends continue the i've never seen out-of-pocket will average 50 percent of payrolls. so for all the money wore paying we're not getting healthier. as a member of the height services board i have come to realize how health care is. the resolution before you asks the board of sup
, but we don't know what happens tomorrow. and this system, i don't know of any other system where people who are not employees are monitored to this degree in any other system in the world. and it's frightening, actually. that's all i have to say. >> thank you, sir. >> jim santos, steven humphries. >> good afternoon, mr. santos. >> thanks, good afternoon, my name is jim santos and i work for a company called taxi magic. we provide the nation's largest e-hailing system for booking a taxi via smart phone. i just wanted to touch on the e-hailing factor here. what i wanted to speak mostly about is the cost factor and the complexity of doing what the proposal has. i think that the cost is grossly underestimated in terms of the effort needed to build such a system. i wanted to touch on a few facts. no city has ever created a system remotely similar to this mainly because the private market is already offering data for free and e-hailing systems from companies like ours for free. the vendor you have chosen has never built a system like the one you have in this proposal so they have zero experie
. the debt limit is later on. we don't know the timing of that. i don't know if you had jack lew here or not -- >> we did. >> he was able to do more extraordinary measures. that could be into the summer as late or spring but i do not believe we will have -- >> the debt limit -- >> that's going to go on later. these are disjointed events. i do not believe that you'll have the kind of theatrics surrounding that as well. >> why do you think that it will be different this time within your own conference because the speaker didn't want the crisis that happened the last time. i think and correct me if i'm wrong, i don't think you did. >> that's correct. >> but yet you couldn't control your own members. how can you prevent that from happening again? >> obama care is here now. so you know the reason this happened from our perspective was -- now people understand why we fight obama care so much i guess. you have to understand the mindset of a house republican going into this. we were doing all of these oversight hearings, getting all of this testimony, seeing that this program was not ready fo
the appellant which department are you calling or going into the office - please yes >> i don't remember the man's name andy referred me to jose but he was out of town so there was this time pressure. >> my question to the staff is there only one person that will be able to answer those types of questions. >> no, i apologize on behalf of dwp. if this would have been directed to me or gotten to my desk things would have been handled different. jorge is not the only person >> jorge oh, it's not a disconnect of communication. we need to correct who the point person is or the team of point people so the folks that are referring people who have questions that there being a referred and given accurate information >> absolutely consider it done. >> there was a woman who was helpful in joses absent can't remember here name. >> supervisor breed. thank you. >> there's not much we can do here at the board of supervisors unfortunately. and so i think it's definitely important that we mr. president, figure out which particular committee this would be referred to understand dwps process to make s
. why don't we continue this for one week and if you could work with this appellant and suggest reaching out to other appellants to see if the same issue has come up so we don't wait the cities and the public's time. that if that makes sense. supervisor weiner has made a motion and supervisor farrell a second >> i understand there might be a difference of opinion with this board of the grounds whether certainty appeals can result in the waiver of fees. i'm not sure who told you you have no case some people disagree and some agree with you but this week will give an opportunity to come up with a resolution that works with our timing and financial situations >> and we'll come back next tuesday. >> yeah. at 3:00 p.m. >> thank you very much. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i actually was going to highlight would supervisor weiner said the defendant not being recommended. i got only pieces of the puzzle so it's hard to make a decision >> supervisor breed. >> mr. chair i don't understand why wore continuing it but those cases are being represented to the board and the comments made
to come forth and identify the perpetrators. as i said on doctor marshall's show that i don't hate these perpetrators, i forgive them. i forgive them because i can't die hating them, but i do want justice and i do want them in jail. i do want them to go to jail. i do want to go and say why did you kill my son. i at least deserve that. i at least deserve an apology from them, whatever they say to me. i want to tell them too, let me show you the love i want you to give to my son, that's what you took from me. yet these perpetrators are still walking the street and i feel sorry for their parents. i wouldn't want them to go through what i'm going through everyday. believe me, i don't want to stand here, i don't want to be here ever. i don't want to be doing this. we have a lot of mothers and fathers out there that are going through this and that i listen to everyday. we stand together and if it wasn't for those other mothers and fathers, i don't know what where i'd be. i still carry my son's picture here that i have to look at everyday. this is what keeps me strong. it keeps me fighti
of the resolution if we approve it we're on the hook for it and i don't know where the money is coming from >> if you could ask a representative from rec and park. go ahead >> supervisor sarah for the rec and park department. supervisor we expect the signs costs between $20,250 each we'll use funds from the reserve fund >> i'm sorry. >> so the department gets a small property tax set aside and that goes into the open space fund into our communities reserve for projects like this. >> okay. thank you. unless there's any other questions or comments please call the role >> (calling names) there are 6 i's and 5 notices. >> the ordinance is finally, passions item 21. >> it's an ordinance to amended the code to prepare and submit a report to the board of supervisors valeting the provisions of the vocation of the cannery dispense. >> call roll. >> (calling names) there are i's. >> is ordinance is passed arrest item 22 is a listening and regulations of massage practitioners. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? >> it's on ordinance to reduce certain film fees and ex
up a question. is -- i don't recall whether the occ, if that's happening. does that happen in tandem or whether that's separate, the capital, you know, items for the occ. do you do your requests at the same time of year and same process? for some reason it didn't come up in this whole scheme. >> the o cc doesn't have a capital budget so that's why it didn't come up. >> so it's just a couple of cars essentially. i don't know, maybe that doesn't -- automobiles don't fall under capital. >> i don't know, commissioner kingsly, but... >> you don't have a separate budget, everything's in your operating budget? >> everything is in the operating budget. >> thank you for helping me. >> i suspected it as we were moving in that direction, but that makes sense. thank you director. >> thank you, commissioner terman. >> i would like to say we cover as a commission a great many items. i am, by and large, proud of the work we do here, but we don't do it alone. we do it with great support and help of the commission staff and sometimes we need to take time and recognize the commission staff for the li
by my mom and then the city signed off saying that everything was okay and i don't know if that complaint, something that was done in the 80s or something that was done, you know, in the 90s. but that is where it is at right now and i am just trying to not ignore anybody, but being diligent to stand up for the property and that is my inheritance. >> okay. i would like to hear from the staff, again. and whether you know, the fact that this building is in probate, and it will be sold, the recommendation for us to act on this at all? >> i don't want to get into too much, but for today, we discovered that the subpoena power or court decision would be to with the property that there was a deed recorded and stating that the owners who is deceased and that somebody else had ownership, and that the superior court decision was that document was... (inaudible) and that deed was reversed. so, i think that it would be best that we would just move forward cleanly, and on the order of abatement rather than being dragged into the details that don't need to be exposed in public with reg
under advisement, is there a time limit for those? >> 30 days. >> if they don't get the permit issued and inspected and signed out during the 40 day period, we move forward without any further hearing, and issue the order of abatement and assess fees. >> thank you. >> i was going to have rose mary talk on behalf of housing and so i will just mention it for her and she is comment on it if she comes back, the housing performed were 895 and the complaints were 412, and the complaints response within 24 to 78 hours were 763, the notice of violations 168, the mraints for notice of violations were 596 and the number of cases since the director's hearing was 33 for the housing. >> okay. >> that is good, thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> great. >> is there any public comment on item 4 athrough 4 e, of the director's report? >> seeing none, item five, discussion and update regarding october 17, 2013 inspections and planning department request to suspend pending permits at 1049 market street. >> the legislative and public affairs, and just a quick update on 1049 market street. right af
dispieed the purpose and that was not the case and willing to provide the inspection and i don't think that the conditions inside of the property have changed much although i do think that they look better on the outside of the property and that is where she has been focusing her efforts because that is where the neighbors are complainting, and we think that the property does not look as nice as ours and when those complaints come in she focuses her efforts on that but she is limited. so i am open to suggestion and open to assisting and you know, i am not being paid for my efforts in this matter, and i am doing this probono because i believe in this cause and i believe that is an issue that should be corrected if we can get a time able that everybody can live with and we can all continue the dialogue towards making sure that that happened. and so, now i am open to whatever suggestions that the panel has and in that regard and willing to participate however i can and assessing the home owner for the continued costs, and it is not going to get us to a place where this building gets fixed
and cut to the facts. we don't know at the moment what happened here, do we? >> not at all. this charge has been made, but it may not even proceed to a trial. what the police have to do now is do an investigation. we have two 911 calls that present completely different versions of what happened. the police have to do what good police do, are there any witnesses? are there any -- is there anyone who heard anything? is the inside of the house look like? are there signs of a struggle that cooperate one version or the other? about the gun -- >> see, the crucial part is this, that she says he took the gun out and waved it at her in a men innocencing way. she leaves the property to talk to the police. it's not beyond george zimmerman's brain power, because he's a smart guy to simply repack the weapon. >> okay. that's possible. >> that's possible. >> but maybe it's not even packed. this is the kind of thing that the police have to do, and, you know, the interior of that house will offer all sorts of clues. now it may be this becomes simply a he said she said and those are difficult but not imp
for me. i can see there is an honest person in the system. i kind of got mixed up in it and how, i don't know. i'm glad and they actually had people that care about people behind bars. i'm more aware of my freedom taking it for granted. i'm free and loving life. [ applause ] >> i would like to ask our first panel to come up and take their seats. >> i'm going to start on my right to your left here and introduce karen hooper, the author of chasing gideon and i just want to announce that she will be holding a book signing. the book came out yesterday. she will have a book signing during lunch. next is don porter, the producer of gideon's army. the clip we just saw. don is a founder of trilogy films and director of gideon's army. it premiered in the 2010 sundance festival. she's an a -- she's on the 2012 hot shot directors emerging to watch, she's also graduated from georgetown university law center and practicing attorney and abc television networks before starting her television career and next is john. i met john about 10 years ago when he was starting off and had this crazy idea of ope
of universal health care. >> jon: ah -- well what is the water? >> i don't know, water is water, jon. what am i robert frost. >> obamacare is obama's 2008 financial crisis. it's the perfect 1 to 1. that was bad. this is bad boom done. >> i have to go with the classics i sat the web site is obama's iraq war because when i think glitchy web site the first thing that comes to my mind is decade long wars started under false pretenses. [ laughter ] and we all remember that press conference. [ laughter ] >> jon: actually that -- if i may, al, that never happened. >> yeah, but it could have. >> jon: all right. if we're looking for a comparison isn't obamacare most like bush's medicare part d program. it was a rollout, flawed a large change in our system but wound up being repaired around working well. >> that say stupid comparison, jon. medicare part d didn't murder anybody. >> jon: but obamacare didn't murder anybody either. >> yet. no one remembers that program. so many tasty terds and you pick the one the raspberry filling thank comparison is your stupid face do the stupid face dance, right? >> jon
william gross. >> ordinary folks, the 99%, don't have any money anymore! the rich 1% and corporations do. developed economies work best when inequality and incomes are at a minimum. >> stephen: that is a sobering thought. metaphorically, of course. as soon as i heard it i got drunk. (laughter) the point is i'm choosing to believe that income inequality isn't as big a deal and doesn't need to change. here to tell me it is a big deal and needs to change is former labor secretary for president clinton and star of the new documentary "inequality for all" robert reich. mr. reich, thank you so much for joining us. (cheers and applause) you were on the show about three years ago sounding the alarm warning if we didn't do something it would tank economy or cause a revolution. three years later i'm richer than ever. i assume you're back here to apologize. >> no, i didn't tell you exactly when it would tank the economy and cause a revolution. i said if we continue in the same direction it's dangerous for the economy and dangerous for our democracy and i still think it is very dangerous. >> stephen
his due. thank you for being with us. don't forget start each weekday morning with fox and friends we'll see you back here, home fully, tomorrow night. >>> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> yonk i'm stupid enough to go around saying like this is going to be shopping like amazon or travelocity a week before the web site opens if i thought it wasn't going to work. >> the folks may be turning against obama. is the administration unraveling? we will give you the facts tonight. >> videos of the knockout game are popping up all over the internet innocent victims punched in the face for no reason. deaths have been reported in new york and new jersey. >> latest trend among violent young black males attacking random people and putting the assaults on the net. why is this story not being reported more widely? bernie goldberg on that. >> he is in my house breaking all my [bleep] i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now. >> once again, george zimmerman jailed in florida. is it legal will explore this very troubling story. >>> caution, you are about to en
that depends on a robust economy. we don't have one. president obama vowed to make national health insurance mandates work. so far, the new law is a disaster. again, when a president becomes weakened, people take advantage. both within the country and abroad. that's the memo. one of the little known parts of obamacare is an option for the feds to reimburse private health insurance companies if they are not mak under the affordable healthcare law. in effect the feds would subsidize private insurance companies if they don't make profit from obamacare. that part of the law has ackered some people. joining us now from washington, florida senator marco rubio has introduced a bill that would prevent any such reimbursement. so, senator, i don't think harry reid is going to allow that bill to come up for a vote. what say you? >> well, he may not initially but i think ultimately he will have to. the idea that the federal government should be baking out insurance companies in order to make obamacare work, that's not something a lot of people are aware of and i haven't taken a poll on it but i guarante
i have one here. don't turn on your iphones on the pad i can draw. the interesting thing david draws with his thumb. for example, i'm photo dpravk him as he's photo graphing me. he'll be later on using his shoulder. you get those rather amazing drawings. one of the things that's interesting he spend a lot of time thinking about how to chief an effect of glass or crystal or a sunset and heel go and work on that. he wanted to achieve those effects. he's exfoliated for the first time in his life he can draw a sunrise. he has done sun sets but you have to turn on a light but he can have the room dark and draw with his church and a those are sunrises and he moves to the ipad going back to some of the places he's been before and essentially going to u very many. whatever the indignation he has it before everyone else and he's trying to take an illness forgiving the ipad and blow it up to that size right there and in the gallery he's made huge strides. spectacle he is doing something he wanted to do at the polaroid can lodges he wanted to do this with film. but in those days cameras w
his tenure. and made a big change in that. that's helped the policy he believes. >> don't you think he's screwed up the forward guidance in the last go around? everyone expected a tapering down of the bond purchases? >> i agree with you. are we talking about this now or later? >> let's do it now. i don't get to visit with you enough and i love you and i want to visit with you. >> i'm giving him a lower grade because of what happened in june and september. i agree with you complete he. i thinks he done a lot of bold stuff and i think what's done a lot of enkninnovative things bu grade is a "b." there's my "b." because the june and the september messups, i don't think he's go at this communication thing right. i applaud what he's done on transparency. i think the quantitative easing given what happened on the fiscal side had to continue. but i think at the end of the day, he needed to do better on the communications to get it right. >> very amusing. i give him a "b." >> drum roll? >> a little different reasoning but we come out the same. i thought he was fantastic during the crisis of 20
figuring their tax credit. and so at least for right now, i don't -- i'm not going to be getting insurance. >> well, millions of americans are frustrated with the president and his deceit. and it's showing in the polls. opposition to obama care has just hit a record high. 57% oppose it. and gallup says more than half the country doesn't think the government should be involved in our health care in the first place. so greg, before we get into the poll numbers, most politicians use these stories like sam in iowa. i was on a farm and i met john, a small business owner. they can come back and bite politicians if they're not vetted properly. this one turns out to be a horror story much like the woman they initially put on the website who wasn't even a citizen. now two women are embarrassed. >> yeah. you know you're in trouble when your props are falling apart. i think obama is a genius because he realizes that laughter is really the best medicine. and obama care, in a way, lowers your stress by being hilariously incompetent. so in a way he's making us all feel better by being such a disaster. b
of patriarchy and couldn't decide when to have children. we're walking around on a history that we don't know. and there are many women trying to bring it back. and there's a friend whose work you should look up as well. who has written a book called everything we want once was here. and that's not only true of native cultures in this country, but also of cultures in southern afterry car, who will take you out into the desert and dig a hole and show you what they use for contraception, for headaches, migraines. it's true of the original cultures of 95% of human history. don't let anyone tell you that it's human nature that we live this way. no, it once was different, and it still could be. native women are very funny about it, you have to have a sense of humor, given what they've gone through. what did columbus call -- primitive, equal women. >> we are almost out of time, we have one more question. before that, just a couple housekeeping matters. first of all, i'd like to remind you about our upcoming speakers. on december 3rd, we have manuel santos, the president of columbia, on december 16t
for many reasons we don't believe he deserves, especially when you look at current events today when you look at his signature legislation is falling around his ears. something that republicans said on the day we voted against it. >> all right, jay carney responded to this. i should point out the same jay carney that advanced the falsehood that it was a youtube video, and a spontaneous -- eruption that took place in benghazi. the same jay carney and the same jay carney that on other occasions said it is only 5% that are impacted by losing their plans. this is what he said, nobody should listen to this, earlier today during the press briefing. >> i'd ask if there is anything to this report. or anything that would knock down -- that interviews were faked in the bureau of labor statistics, on the unemployment numbers, is there anything -- >> i would refer you to census. that story is obviously misleading. i think a lot of people shed a lot of credibility in engaging in conspiracy theories last fall, about rigged jobs numbers. i have to tell you as somebody who has been here for a long time,
, the columnist asked him if he could quote him. buckman said no, i don't want to be quoted. he is quoted anyway. that is what he terms enact ray s in the post piece, buckman said, i'm quoting, told to make up information by higher-up at census. it was a phone conversation. i forget the but go ahead and fabricate it. the white house is dismissing the post claims that census workers deliberately faked unemployment numbers at a time the president was seeking re-election. >> obviously misleading. i think a lot of people shed a lot of credibility engaging in conspiracy theories last fall without rigged jobs numbers. >> meanwhile house republicans are taking these allegations very seriously. >> for this data came just a mere 30 days or so before a presidential election. republicans every day we were pounding on the fact that obama doesn't work. that unemployment rate couldn't get below 8%. suddenly 30 days best election it did. that begs the question did that really happen? >> yesterday house oversight committee chairman sent a letter to the census bureau demanding all documents including emails rela
think they have got a credibility problem here again. and this is inexpick cable. >> what i don't understand is what the white house says the purpose of that review that you are speaking to was to see how people would use the federal marketplaces. identify risk that could effect the strategy to mitigate those risk. the review was not web site. that was not jay carney hair splitting this march report. the march report says there is trouble. >> exactly. six months before you got that contendsy and company coming in and there briefing them. the president included. hhs and say you have got real problems with this. and what carney is saying well, they told us they had these problems but they didn't tell us they had those problems. who was responsible for this? this is an ongoing domestic bay of pigs. when the bay of pigs happened, allen dulles was gone. kennedy said you you know in the british system, allen, i would go. he we are in the american system and you go. do we have any names of the individuals who are briefed and all knew these things and then are still sitting right in the
and knowing who -- most americans don't know who their state legislators are, and that's why they are able to -- an anti-choice right wing minority is able to do this state by state. and it is very much about backlash against the changes in this country. i mean, they're very clear. white women are not having enough children, they say to me. you know, and it's why the issues all go together. so, you know, anti-immigration, anti-birth control, anti-abortion and so on. so we have to take back our state legislatures. >> citing the example of working moms versus stay-at-home moms, a questioner asked, what are your thoughts on the way women treat each other? >> well, if we were ever asked a question that included men, we might give a better answer. i mean, do we ever ask men, can you have it all? you know, we need work patterns that allow everybody to work and also have a life and have kids if they want to. men too. the whole idea of stay-at-home moms and moms who -- i mean, the language is bananas. women who work at home work harder than any other class of worker in the united states, longer ho
's become a friend of mine, glenn beck. very controversial guy. has a lot to say, even if you don't agree with him. he's ever fascinating. i went down to texas last week. fantastic new book out that we'll talk a little bit more. >> how about this, kmart has some of the best commercials. we've been huge fans. do you guys remember earlier we talked about a couple of commercials? one was called ship my pants. and the other was big gas savings. ship my pants. >> but you got to say them fast. >> and big gas savings. >> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants? you're kidding. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> you hear that, i can ship my pants for free. >> wow, i just may ship my pants. >> i just shipped my pants and it's very convenient. >> very convenient. >> i hate these big gas prices. >> sounds like you could use some big gas savings. >> kmart shop your way members save 30 cents a gallon. >> that's a big gas discount. >> big gas discount. >> you solved a big gas problem. >> totally solved might big gas problem. >> all i know is i want to go out with those people, you know, that ca
'm walking down the street and i'm pulling my dog's chain or i leave my dog outside in the cold and i don't feed it and it has health problems or i kick it and make fun of it and treat it harshly, you can arrest me. but i can do that to a person and you think it's okay. i don't think it's okay. jeff got me on the phone and said i want to know more about the program and i talked to him and said this is how it works and he said what's the biggest barrier? i said we have trouble making people understand how to better treat their clients. i'm a huge fan and knowing what we need to do is to make sure those people that need help get the help they want. our clients are offered treatment and across the board every single person arrested for that are offered services an they all get help. everyone of them gets help. and my outcomes show that they benefit from that. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> you were a substance treatment expert for the medical center. i understand there is some promising new treatments about alcohol that maybe on the horizon. tell us about that. >> as far as treatment for al
. and by the way, there would be no refund on the tuition. you see, congress is special. congress -- you don't even get handcuffed. there is no doubt that radel got off easy. he was given holy smokes, how is he going to deal with this, a year's probation? and a huge $250 fine. according to police, radel spent $250. that's what he spent. $250 on his three-and-a-half grams of cocaine. so i'd say that the $250 fine is probably a pretty damn good deal he got from the judge. radel also got one year probation, another good deal. possession of cocaine in washington, d.c., if you're an average schmuck out there, could land you 180 days in jail and up to $1,000 fine. but you see, he's a congressman. says he wants to stay in the congress. so they sure as hell ain't going to throw the book at him. you see, if he were a poor african-american youth with no lawyer, no attorney, no legal help, no backup, there is no doubt that he would be facing jail time. because that's just kind of how it works. this is a disturbing double standard, and oh, by the way, the story get worse. in september, redel voted for legislat
his due. thank you for being with us. don't forget start each >>> who is getting rich off obamacare. an awful lot of money is swirling around in the hundreds of billions of dollars. and we know you aren't getting it. tonight, trordz is following the money. our investigation is just minutes away, but, first, did president obama know any of this seven months ago? >> the bottom line is this report lays out the task that was going on. but, these -- all of this information was known within the white house. >> the president was briefed as early as march and yet as early as march all the way up to the president at least knew there were problems. why wasn't that followed up on. >> they were followed up on as i said. we are in the breaking news business. turns out today we learned the web site did not launch. >> the administration was on track. on track for disaster. stubbornly they stayed the course, repeating their claims this was all right until the mess that launched on october 1. >> we have heard it wasn't designed for that many people it didn't pass the stress test. it didn't have end-
look, here's the bottom line. i don't want to rely to which on the polls. when you look at the cbs poll where 43% say repeal the thing outright, they know there's not a majority for that right now and that the republicans are going to keep pushing to defund it, repeal it, et cetera. i think more worrisome is that the cbs poll says change this law. the president tried to stall and buy more time by doing this executive fix. it's not really clear that he has executive power to delay these cancellation notices by one year. he's got the state insurance commissioners here at the white house trying to convince them to go along with this plan but you know full well it's not just republicans any more on the hill, there are some moderate democrats as well in the senate, in the house, demanding changes to this law. to answer your question what's going to happen, i still don't think the law is going to be repealed so it's not going to be fully implemented as you asked, but are there going to be real substantive changes to this law? i think that's becoming more and more likely when you have this dem
commanders a disservice. i don't think they should be distracted by having to handle legal matters. and in any organization they're going to want to continue to own their own truth. right now they're above the law. i think to allow commanders to make these decisions is unfair to the victim. it's unfair to the accused, and it's unfair to the commander. i do agree with that statement. i think that it's up to congress right now to make those changes so that victims don't have to continue to experience exactly what you just described. >> eugene, is this a current system that has only become more unworkable as more women have entered the ranks? >> yes, it is, ray, although the issues with the system go far beyond issues relating to women. and there are many men as well in uniform who are victims of sexual assault. the system has important parts that goes way before there were women in the service. i'm talking about the command centric aspect of the system. the role that the commander plays in the administration of justice. for that we have among others george iii the king to thank. he w
of execution, if you will, to stay on the old rate base. preexisting conditions don't matter because they are covered already. >> right. >> but they don't have the new mandates and so forth. but they also have the policy these people chose. and it's more affordable. these people also, if they want to do early renewal have the option to go to obamacare if they want to. nobody was prohibiting them from doing it. it was the customer's option. so i think that some people were offered the early renewal, which gets people to the end of 2014 anyway, that's where most of these insurance commissioners are going to stay. but your point that not moving people into the new pool underminds the fiscal intelling yi at this of the pool, you don't get all these healthy people moving into the new pool is a good one. you have got to get everybody into the obamacare pool in order to help make the obamacare pool sustainable. that's going to be the president's objective ultimately. >> that's a big problem. >> yes. big problem. >> we are going to be exploring that in more detail on fox business why young p
? >> unfortunately i don't. >> describe what it was like. >> she was making little noises, like a puppy. it was a great gift. my heart was pounding so hard while she was crawling in my lap. she clearly wanted some affection. >> as an avid outdoorsman, how does this change your perspective on wildlife? this year i hunted caribou and because of the encounter i chose not to shoot one. to te steam ou forever, if you will. >> how did it affect you? >> imagine the look on my friends' face when is they come around with a caribou in my seat. >> here's a video of brad's boat they say snapping in two but it pretty much snaps into 200. >> as soon as it shoots up into the air, it explodes. it was a mall -- malfunction that caused his boat to take a bit of a hop. that's the engine skipping across the top of the water. there's the safety capsule, though, separated from the rest of the boat. he was injured. he was in the hospital for about three days and out of racing for about five months. >> don't go away, anybody, because in just a little bit we're giving away another flat screen tv. you need the w
what? you know what? i think cnn's the don lemon put obama's public implosion into the proper perspective. >> you won't find two politicians who've had worse weeks than president obama and toronto mayor rob ford. they've had a pretty bad week. (audience reacts) president obama saying sorry over and over for his so-called signature achievement, obamacare, rob ford admitting to be a crack smoker. (audience reacts). >> stephen: yes, obama is in the same tight spot as toronto's crack-smoking mayor. i mean, the parallels are everywhere, folks. both had press conferences-- and that's it. (laughter) but, folks, comparing the first black president to the first blackout mayor isn't unfair. it's not unfair at all because lemon made sure to ask several times whether it was unfair or not. >> is it fair, though, to compare the two crises? >> no, it's not fair to compare them at all. they're totally different. >> i'll ask you the same question. is it fair to compare the two crises? because it's about damage control not whether the two crises are equivalent. >> exactly and i think it's fair
. forefits the rest. his arraignment is in january. as to how he came up with the $900. i don't know. perhaps friends or supporters. because as you say, he said he had $100 to his name. he is in debt $2.5 million by the way. who does he owe $2 million to? it has to be his attorneys, o'merar a o'mera and west. >> i want to go back to his wife, shellie zimmerman, she is divorcing him. said in september about george zimmerman. >> in my opinion, hecibl invincible. he is making reckless decision sz. i have been married to a person for almost seven years and i don't think i ever really knew him at all. >> joy, that was right after she had an incident with, her father did, with george zimmerman. in which in the end they decided not to get involved by pressing charges because, it could be complicated for her but that invincible -- feeling -- seems to be, what, what is being demonstrat demonstrated. >> remember the track record is that his encounters with law enforcement, ended in his favor. an additional incident with a police officer, he was accused, charged with battering an officer. ended up being
it's concerns about whether janet yellin the fed chief will be in favor of tapering or not. why don't we blame obama care and people's fears for losing healthcare insurance. the washington grinch is stealing christmas. we are beginning to hear the next government shutdown will happen on schedule and this time it will be even worse. why don't we chill the business climate down entirely? is there any wonder best buy or urban outfitters is talking about an unspeakable holiday season? then you go out to dream force, the celebration of all things related to the new economy in america of success, of innovation. you know, you don't hear anyone complaining about washington at all, other than to mention how our government is poorly run by design. it's all about payback, second raiders and people that care more about ideology and social issues than they do about the economy. the politicians may pay lip service to the job creators. they spend way more time on guns and sexual whatever. if you want to know the truth of it, i would say washington is about creating problems for business. silicon v
in after hours trading. ceo marissa mayer speaking at its salesforce.com meeting last evening. >> we don't think we're treating ours as mobile first. when you look at what's happening with the mobile trend overall in our industry, it's clear that it is a -- and you can ride it through the invention. yahoo! like many companies, has to constantly reinvent itself. the scary part about reinvention is it happens with platform shift. >> there's a little bit of financial industry news for you this morning. jpmorgan holding a conference call with analysts after yesterday's announcement with that mortgage settlement with the government. jamie dimon explaining that most of the toxic numbers were inherited. >> bear stearns, did not had not happened that way, it was a house on fire. it was imploding. we did it because we had to. we never expected this to happen. >> pete williams caught up with attorney general eric holder, talked about the government settlement. >> one of the things that we worked on through this settlement was the possibility of the criminal investigation woon would not be preclude
're trying to make it fail. >> i don't think fox news had anything to do with the failure of the rollout of healthcare.gov. as far as i know we didn't touch that website. >> this is about the fifth bite about this. there is a fundamental disagreement about what is wrong. so what the president and liberals and the folks he talked to yesterday, his campaign volunteers that he tried to rally. i guess he was trying to get them to rally him, he said. what they're concerned about is that not enough free health insurance is being given away. their complaint about the program is that not enough free stuff is going out the door because they did the internet wrong. and because all of this stuff, now in that area they blame republicans because not enough enthusiasm among the republican government, et cetera. that is not why it is tanking, why the washington news poll said they wished they had mitt romney for a president instead of him. the cause of all of that is the insurance policies that are being emolated by the president's intentional policy and the fact he deceived voters on that subject. so
jihadists, they don't have a coherent plan. >> rose: but the jihadists and all-- of they-- what percentage of the rebels are they? and what remains of what was the beginning a sort of rebel force not principally populated by islamists? >> well, unfortunately, as it stands today, the majority of those rebel groups jihadist and afghani-type jihadists -- >> al qaeda affiliates. >> exactly. the united states understands it very well, and that's why the united states, mr. obama and mr. kerr, have been moving slowly but surely, not rushing the exit of assad from his position right now. >> rose: and do you think that was part of the reason they pulled back from the attack, that perhaps they can moderate and not rush him out of employer because they fear what will happen if he is eliminated? >> exactly. putin has seen this opening and he immediately, between the united states and syria, and sure enough, president obama immediately grabbed that opportunity and instead of going and attacking syria militarily, he accepted to take the-- havi having-- to take out the chemical weapons of bashar peaceful
what really happen. i don't think it is going to happen in my lifetime. we are learning of all of the details of fdr and fascinating and gives me confidence that history will catch up to this. too many political forces were at work and no one wanted to know the details. >> it is fascinating our children will know and how will they figure it out? >> if you read the bocks about fdr and new books about john kennedy and there is just evidence and testimony that comes forward and when people who know the kenned kens personally or have a political agenda past and historians look at just the evident carefully more detail begins to emerge. i saw a poll that said 80 percent of the members of the media believe in the lone gunmen theory and 70 percent of the american public believe in a conspiracy and most people don't realize in 1979 house select committee on assassinations concluded it was a conspiracy. and so we'll wait, we'll wait to so. at least you are not crazy fubelieve that now. >> doug, thank you so much for your perspective and all of your historical context. i know you will be
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